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Education // 03.16.2015

Panel discussion

Young Immigrant Women Community Forum

Article by Abena

Being an immigrant to a new city or town in Canada has major challenges- language barriers difficulties getting jobs due to…

Arts and Culture, Forward Thinkers // 05.11.2014

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta- Kenya's first Prime Minister then President

African Intellectual Innovators According to Gates

Article by Abena

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, American historian and director of WEB Dubois Research Institute,  listed a few of  top African intellectual innovators…

Personal Chronicles // 11.11.2013

behind the scences

Be felt

Article by Aba H

The diary of an African introvert continued….. Welcome to the first part of my “be felt” series which will look at…

Point of View // 09.26.2013


Those who are opposed to terrorism should not terrorise others- African Proverb

Article by Aba H

I was browsing through my Facebook home page on Saturday afternoon when I saw the unfortunate news of the terrorist attack…

Point of View // 09.18.2013

Help Us Speak our Languages, Don’t Bully Us!

Article by Abena

I recently happened upon Afrofeminist Diaspora blogger Spectra Speaks and resonated with her article called, “To Nigerians who don’t Speak Any…