Blog // 08.08.2010

Guided Confusion

Article by Aba H

An unavoidable aspect of life is having to give our best to each day without knowing what it will give in return. As young people, leaving the refuge home provides and entering the limitless world where anything is possible, is thrilling. Although this life of opportunities can be exciting, it also comes with uncertainties. This shouldn’t be a source of worry and anxiety since even in the confusion, our life journey isn’t alone, it is divinely guided.

Many times we plan our lives meticulously to ensure that none of the opportunities presented to us are missed. We pray for guidance so that our dreams can become realities as we take steps trusting that our paths are directed. But when the path ahead seems unclear with overwhelming obstacles, it is easy to lose hope.

I recall a trip made with some friends to one of the uppermost points of Johannesburg. The sight was amazing and as the sun set we all marvelled not only at the vastness of the city, but also at the beauty of creation.

While standing on this point, I was unexpectedly enlightened with a truth that until then had only been “head knowledge”, that is a mere understanding with my mind. In this moment I was reminded that we see life from one perspective while God sees the whole picture and is able to guide our lives accordingly.

My eyes were drawn to the numerous vehicles meandering through the city. Some would ride on narrow-dual carriageways and while others stopped at several red lights. There were those that sped through a series of green lights meeting the occasional stop signal while a number drove endlessly on large highways until reaching the off-ramp that led to their intended destination.

Whenever a vehicle reached its destination I was relieved and thrilled because from where I was standing it had survived the vast “jungle” of Johannesburg and arrived safely at its destination. What struck me was that all the vehicles reached their destinations no matter what their journey entailed -whether it was a fast-paced highway where they were at liberty to change lanes as they wished or a more hesitant and uncertain route where slowing down and waiting for the best opportunity to continue was necessary. After sometime, the journey would start again. It was at this moment that I truly understood how my life has been divinely guided, even in the midst of confusion.

Each route we find ourselves on within the greater journey of life is purposed to lead us to destinations where we can recuperate and refuel to then continue the course. God knows where He is taking us. Our part to play is not to inactively expect to reach our destinations, neither is it to panic but rather to trust that He is leading our footsteps.

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  1. Bona(!) says:

    Hey! I like your article, so true and I LOVE your magazine! Now you never made it sound like you were doing something this BIG! Congratulations, wish you the best as you put all your talents to use and discover some more, and realise how much good you can do with this. Can’t wait to read the article to everyone in the get together!!!

  2. Blessing says:

    Hey Aba,I didnt know this article came out this wonderfully.You guys doing great work.Be blessed

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