Blog // 10.15.2010

October-Finding Your Fire

Article by Abena A-T

It’s finally here! The October Issue of Tempo. Thank you for your patience as we put together this exiting second issue.  Like the leaves outside my window right now, the articles you’ll read this month are colorful.

We chose the theme “Finding Your Fire” for many reasons. It speaks to Aba and I becuase this is what we feel is happening within as we continue to sow with our hearts and our hands into this magazine. We are finally stepping out and doing something we’ve wanted to for so long, and we love it!

In Opinion Efua shares what she feels is necessary to keep our passions going once we’ve discovered what they are. In our new section, Zahran, you will read inspiring account of what Sandra Idossou does to keep the zest in her life and help those in the service industry.  Also, Be sure to read check out This Earth to read about Nuru Energy and how they’re lighting up the lives of rural Rwandans.

Find your fire. Start with an ember, let it grow into a flame and keep it burning.

God Bless.


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