Blog // 10.06.2010

Story Time

Article by Abena A-T

Hey there Tempo Sisters,

Aba and I both love the comfort and excitement of a good novel and we want to ask:  What’s the last good book you read? The one that you carried  everywhere with you, on the bus, to the doctor’s office, to the park and basically anywhere you might have a few minutes to pull it out and continue the story that has you so absorbed, you’d think you actually knew the characters. I love books like that and I’m currently searching for my next captivating read.

Here are some of the books that, over the years, have had me hooked:

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller

The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claibourne

What are some of the books that have you hooked?

Share with us in the comments and look forward to an article on Africans and the culture of reading.

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  1. blandine K says:

    hey!I like that one coz me too i like reading,my last and favorite book is in frenc and is called.L’ART DE NOUER DES AMITIE.means how to find friends.i have been reading and repeating again.dear friends i encourage you to read it is blessed

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