Blog // 11.01.2010

"Life is what…"

Article by Abena A-T

Life is what you make it.  Somewhere, sometime you’ve heard this statement before.  Think about it for a moment. Let it steep in your mind like a teabag in water. Life is what you make it.  

There is a young woman made it through four years of university, while raising two kids which along the way turned into three and going through a divorce to achieve her goals. There is a man who has no arms and no legs and who, among many daily activities including swimming, ministers to and encourage thousands of able-bodied people to live life and rely on and give thanks to God. There was a poor, uneducated village woman who appeared on Oprah a year or so ago who wrote her dreams on a paper and buried them and believed. Some years later, after taking steps to receive an education, each of her dreams, including earning a PhD were realized.

Two of the women I spoke to for the November issue challenged me to be more intentional in what I do and strong in my life in God. I hope they do the same for you. Keep checking the website to read their stories and the powerful ones that are up now.

Is life what you make it? What God has given you to work with? Are you working with it or are you living timidly and unintentionally?

Love to hear your thoughts.

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