Blog // 11.08.2010

One Superpower

Article by Abena A-T

I don’t want to say it out loud, but I think I may have lost my camera. My fiance says we’ll find it but I dont’ know. It should only be at one of two places and if it’s not there, then it could be anywhere! I’m bummed. Its at times like this where I wish I had the superpower to find all the things I’ve misplaced.

What things have you lost that you wish you could find? Are they material like a camera, or immaterial like dope lyrics to song that came into your head but you forgot to write down?

What kind of power do you wish you had?

6 Responses to “One Superpower”

  1. Akaliza says:

    I would love Nightcrawler (X-men) power – teleporting. The places I’d go, the people I’d surprise, the petrol I’d save!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hmmm after the day I had today, I wish I had the superpower to inspire and motivate the amazing students, people that I come into contact with who lack confidence and motivation. :o)

  3. Biba says:

    Wish I could fast-forward to the future and complete this degree!

  4. kaitlyn says:

    being able to make toast and tea with a good friend at the wellness center whenever i feel like it

  5. Bona says:

    I wish I could always talk in a language that everyone understands, all the time… Sometimes I seem to have some special language for me only!

  6. Tumisang says:

    Right now I wish I could have the power to find my lost passion for writing poetry, I lost it somewhere sometime last year….oh wait a minute, I do have that power! I’ll let you know how it went, Im off to use it!

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