Blog // 12.31.2010

And We're Back!

Article by Abena A-T

What up, what up, what up Tempo Femmes!!!

I hope the last month of 2010 is treating you all well, or rather that you all are making the best of the last day of the last month of December 2010! This year is almost over, what are you gonna do? Will you do something fun that you’ve been thinking about like dying your hair? How about something heavier like making a deep confession or forgiving that person over something they did that’s had you brooding for months? Will you spend some well-needed time with your brother or sister, mother or father? In just a few hours 201 will b gone forever! The pressure’s on, what are you gonna do? huh? huh?

The fiance and I just came back from Ghana last night, hence the near month-long hiatus and I’m excited to be back with you gals. I am so so happy we made it back safely. That plane was rocking like a cradle and I was trying not to be scared for my life. I dug my fingers into Paul’s arm and repeated over to myself that God was flying the plane. Paul just looked at me and said “its okay” and that helped to calm me. So the bottom line is we made it back after a 3 day delay because of a snowstorm in New York, and I dont’ take that lightly. So Praise God and understand my giddiness.

I’m looking forward to new beginnings. I don’t know if it was the trip to or the pending new year and all the hype around it but I’m feeling rejuvinated and excited about all the things that I have the opportunity to do. How are you all feeling about the year just gone by? Was it what you wanted? Did you achieve anything sigificant? or are you just happy that you were blessed to live through it? How about the year coming? What are your hopes, ambitions, plans? I find its best to make goals a month or so at a time instead of for the whole year. It’s more realistic, acheivable, and more importantly, it hops you stay focused.

Aba and I have big plans for Tempo this year but we’re taking them one step at a time. What are some of your goals for the new months ahead? Where would you like to see Tempo go this year?

God Bless you, thank you for reading, and remember to make the best of what you have, where you are and who you are. You are a creation of the Almighty God and that is no small thing!

Peace and Love,


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