Blog // 01.29.2011

Facial Nouveau

Article by Abena A-T

Yeah yeah, everyone knows about that old honey and oatmeal facial. But have you ever had a cooked oatmeal facial? I think it’s gonna be the next big thing.

Last week I mixed oatmeal, lemon juice, honey and milk to give myself a refreshing homemade facial.  Like Look Good, Feel Good contributor Akua A-T wrote in her article, “Glowing Skin in 2011”, exfoliating as well as using a natural cleanser are two ways to achieve a smooth and glowing complexion.  The mix worked well and my face felt nice and smooth for the following week.  I put the remaining mixture in the fridge.

Naturally, when I removed it this morning it was cold so I decided to heat it up and well,  I think I may have cooked the oats. I only put it in the microwave for 20 seconds but the texture was soft and a bit sticky like my bowl of breakfast oatmeal is.  So, what was I  to do? Throw it away and start again? uh uh. I may have accidentally cooked my facial, but accidents are how some of the best inventions are made! Did you know that popscicles were invented by a kid named Frank Epperson in 1905 when he was trying to make soda pop? He accidentally left his concoction outside on the veranda overnight and the next morning, his drink had solidified with the stir stick frozen in the middle.  18 years later, Epperson remembered his invention, patented,  and named it after himself.  Apparently his kids, adapted the name from “Eppsicle” to a “Pop-sicle” after their pops.

The moral of the story is, even if you make a mistake with something, or things don’t turn out as you planned, don’t be discouraged. Try and look at it differently. You may have stumbled upon something even more delightful/useful than you had expected.

I’m sitting here with what could have been my breakfast (save the lemon juice) on my face.  But even though  screwed up the recipe, I may have made it 10 times better. I may be well on my way to a clearer, glowing, and more sumptuous complexion right in time for my wedding.

2 Responses to “Facial Nouveau”

  1. Gabi says:

    I just discovered the awesome works of home made facials last week-end when I was experiencing dry skin because of the weather and I was so happy to find a cheap and natural way to take care of my skin! Thanks for this recipe! I’m gonna be trying this one next!

  2. Tumisang says:

    I have been making many mistakes lately and thanks to this article I am cheered up, I am already looking at the up-side of things and the possibilities of something good coming out of all my little and big mistakes! Cheers!

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