Blog // 01.13.2011

Note to Self

Article by Abena A-T

Do you you ever write e-mails to yourself? I do. I write things like: “Hey you, stop slacking ” or ” my goals for life:” or ” man, today has been one of those sloppy days where you never really got going. Oh well, it happens. Tomorrow will be better. You can do what you can to make it better, like get enough sleep so you can wake up early enough to have time to eat, pray, and put on some lipgloss  if not the whole visage.”

I think I started to do it only within this year (by that I mean last year). It’s kind of nice to pull yourself aside and have a word with yourself during the day. Especially if you’re not focusing or being your usual forward-thinking, go-getting self-on the job, working on a personal project, whatever. 

I don’t carry my journal around much anymore. E-mail is the next best thing. I just type out a quick pep-talk or note-to- self and keep it moving.

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  1. Aba says:

    Lol, I used to do that at varsity when I had late nights finishing off my assignments to keep me going

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