Blog // 01.19.2011

Zambia’s Fabulous Felicia

Article by Chembo L

Mrs. Felicia Sakala is one of Zambia’s leading humanitarian women. She is passionate about aiding the vulnerable in society. Because of her caring attitude to people she doesn’t even know, it would not be a stretch to call her ‘Mama Zambia’.   Sakala is results-driven – when she sets a goal, believe that she will achieve it.

Sakala is a Public Health Nurse by profession. For her, pursing an education wasn’t merely for education’s sake. Rather, it allowed her to take her passion for community health to another level. ‘Mama Zambia’ started off as a state registered nurse and did this for 5 years. Her drive to serve the community then led her to obtain a BSc degree in nursing with a major in Community Nursing. This allowed her to work in peri-urban communities of Zambia such as Mtendere and Mandevu. It wasn’t long before she was recognized by Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) for her work.

What makes this woman fabulous is that her goals are altruistic. She wants the vulnerable to have better lives and hates to see people suffer. But unlike most of us, she takes action to improve these lives. Sakala shared the YWCA’s  objectives for helping others especially in the area of women’s human rights and worked there for 10 years.  Her heart for justice also moved her to start a number of initiatives against gender based violence. She initiated a crisis centre and engaged in advocacy activities for sexual and gender-based violence. She also introduced a campaign called ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence’ which, until today still takes place every 25th of November to 10th December.

Sakala has developed and sustained other programs within the NGO world. One that she headed from Zambia was a regional adolescent reproductive health program.  Zambia scored high points in this program and now serves as a reference point for other countries and NGOs working within this area. Sakala has aslso been a driving force behind a program  in Zambia dealing with  maternal and child health. ‘Mama Zambia’ is a mover who is focused and strong-headed.  She is a modern-day humanitarian and continues to inspire many young women in Zambia. Keep being fabulous Felicia!!

2 Responses to “Zambia’s Fabulous Felicia”

  1. A.M. says:

    Keep up the inspiring write-ups. This woman really is an inspiration and an encouragement to the rest of us women, to forever part ways with apathy and become proactive light bearers in an ever darkening world. Good stuff Chembo!xx

  2. Aba says:

    Yes indeed. It is encouraging to hear of people who give up their lives to better the lives of those around them. Thanks for sharing Mama Sakala’s story Chembo.

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