Blog // 03.11.2011

Issue 5 of Tempo!

Article by Abena A-T

Hey Friends of Tempo!

Welcome to Issue number five of the magazine for the forward-thinking African Woman. I’m excited about this one. We have a new writer, Ms. Boipele Moagaesi who wrote the piece: Janet Mbuba the Media Maven. We’ll introduce you formally to Boipele a little later but for now, check out her article in the Forward-Thinkers section.

We also have three repeat contributors, Ms. Efua A who did our juicy opinion section with several people giving their two cents about waist beads;  Ms. Akua A-T, our contributing pharmacist who teaches us about the benefits of multivitamins; and we have with us again Ms.  Blessing M. with another thoughtful lesson in our Matters of Faith section.  Read them all, they’re good!  It makes us so delighted to have writers back. It shows that they believe in us and in our vision and that they want to share with you, the readers.  Thanks for sticking with us contributors and readers.   This experience would not be as rich without your reflections,  time, skills and expertise, so thank you.

We hope you’re blessed by these pieces and that you learn something new and fun. As always, feel free to drop a comment or send us an e-mail. Don’t be shy!

Love and Blessing,

Team Tempo

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