Blog // 03.21.2011

Ottilia Chareka shines though she's gone

Article by Abena A-T

This weekend was a sobering one as a community said goodbye to Dr. Ottilia Chareka.  On Wednesday March 16th, this brilliant and courageous woman was taken from us.  Family, friends, colleagues, fellow Zimbabweans and even people who didn’t know the associate professor, attended her memorial to pay their respects to this rebellious ray of light.

The eugolgy given by her first daughter brought more laughter than tears to the crowd as she relayed stories of her vivacious and honest  mother who also had a perfect sense of humour.  Seems like Dr. Chareka passed these characteristics to her daughters.

Watch this documentary created by Cara Jones of Intuitive Eye about this determined and uplifting woman who will be missed by many:

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  1. Cara Jones says:

    Hi there, this is Cara Jones. Thank you for writing about my dear friend Ottila. I thought I would just let you know you embedded the wrong video. This video you posted is just about my exhibition. Here is the actually video.

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