Blog // 04.26.2011

Easter Beach Ball

Article by Abena A-T

I hope everyone had a blessed and sunny Easter Weekend- even if you live in Antartica. Where I live, until June or so, it’s cold even when the sun is out. Its safe to venture out with just a t-shirt on closer to July.

On Easter Sunday however, we were blessed. It was gloriously sunny out and was acutally warm as well. I’m talking double digits. My friends and I took the opportunity to go to the beach and play. We made drawings in the sand, took photos, dipped our feet in the still icy cold water and ran out, as if teasing the ocean. We let the child in ourselves come out for those couple of hours and we were free. The message on the ball my fiance and I brought from Ghana summed up the spirit and reason for that warm and freeing day.

Easter Ball

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