Blog // 04.04.2011

Time is Precious

Article by Abena A-T

If you  have nowhere  to go and nothing in particular that you want to do, then time may not be precious.  But for those of you who have dreams,  goals, or maybe a calling, then time is of the essence.

What do you do with your time? Do you use it to build yourself and to bless others or do you get carried in any direction that outside distractions pull your attention towards?  As forward-thinking women it’s important to know how to cut out things that waste your time. These could include, TV shows, Facebook (notorious for sucking up profuse amounts of  time if you let it) or dare I say it, coversations with certain people.  It’s not that these people themselves are a waste of your time, but your conversations with them are not stimulating,  uplifting, and are instead demeaning maybe, or crude, or otherwise negative and empty,  then maybe they’re a waste of time to engage in.   

A good and well-used example is gossip, especially when the subject of the gossip is someone you know  little to nothing about, care little about,  and about whose you have no business speculating.  I’ll confess, I’ve realized how easy it is to just add to people’s gossip just to say something back becuase they’re talking to you.  Another exmaple of potentially time-wasting conversation is small talk. Sometimes it’s necessary to avoid uncomfortable silences, or to make people feel at ease, or to connect with people becuase you want to acknowledge their presence, but sometimes small talk can be so… small; so useless that I’d rather just save my energy.

The point is, it’s really refreshing to realize that you can cut certain things out of your life and replace them with other more fruitful things. You get a certain sunny feeling when you accomplish a goal or reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. I always get this nagging feeling when I haven’t called certian people in ages. But  I’ve learned that time is always enough, I just have to learn how to use it better.  We have to take our time and also clear out clutter to make time.  

On another angle, it’s also important to learn to be still and “do nothing” in appreciation of the here and now. This is another thing many people find difficult. I am one of those people. It’s tough sometimes to find that balance between being productive and being in the moment with no to-do list.

But just remember, it’s one thing to be still, relax, and be free.  It’s another to kill time or waste it. 

Take it or make it. Don’t kill it or waste it.



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