Blog // 05.28.2011

Asa- The Place to Be

Article by Abena A-T

What’s good my sisters?

I trust you are all well and excited- about life and about your potential. If you don’t know you have it, now you know.
The only bad thing about potential is that it starts to get very uncomfortable if it doesn’t become reality, if you don’t use it.

I’ll say a bit more on that tip but right now I want to share this song with you. Think I’ll make this my new jam of the month.  This song is by Asa, a brilliant, talented Nigerian/UK singer who is funky and  versatile in sound and simple yet rich in her lyrics.

She says : ” I believe that I can be only the best in whatever I do.”

When my mom would drop me off at school she’d say  “Be the best you can be”.   I’ve begun thinking about that. Imagine if I was the very best that I could be? With God’s righteousness,  and wisdom.. I imagine I would be unstoppable, brilliant, I would shine!

Just imagine..

Be the best that you can be,


And now the video:

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