Motivation // 06.15.2011

Doing what you can, where you are.

Article by Abena A-T

I know a woman who is obsessed with looking like she did when she was 25. She wears heels everyday, and an array of form fitting, v-neck tops. She owns one pair of knee-high tights and one pair of jeans of the same cut. Most days she wears skirts or dresses; some long, some short. One skirt has a shockingly high slit. One dress is hazardously short. She has only worn the short one once. I think someone had a word with her about it.  She has long dirty blonde hair that bounces its way down her neck, splits over her shoulders and rests just between her shoulder blades. She is good-looking but tries too hard to look like a vixen. This preventing her from exuding a mature and sophisticated beauty.

As she recounts tales of men stopping in their tracks to watch her walk by, and divulges plans to nip, tuck, and inject her body back to its prime, I wonder if I am taking my own youth for granted. After all, I am currently the age she is trying to resemble. I’m happy with my figure for the most part – everything is proportioned and in the right place. And though not on top of the latest trends, (sometimes I’ll look at photos of my younger cousins on Facebook and challenge myself to step my game up a notch), I’d say I’m pretty fashionable.

Putting shiny gold stars next to each goal on my “to achieve” list is more of a concern for me.  With a few of my goals I am discouraged that I didn’t start earlier. I feel like it’s too late to get as far as I want to. If I had only taken the right steps when I was younger…. But then I think about this woman reminiscing about her drop-dead gorgeousness as a youth yet boasting bout how she’s still got it for a woman of her age and I realize three very important things:

a)      In a way I’m behaving like this woman- wishing I could go back in time, dwelling on the past.

b)      I am still young and I have time- I am the age that so many people wish to be.  More importantly, I have God through whom all is possible.

c)      I better get on these goals otherwise I’ll get even further from “the right age and time” and look back and myself at 25 and think ‘wow, you could have reached the stars. You could have done so much’.

So, does any of this strike a personal chord? Sound like you? If you feel like you’re too old to do something and are dwelling on your ‘shoulda coulda woulda’s’, then stop it. You don’t have time for that. Use whatever time you have left to pursue your goals, strengthen your gifts. Do it with prayer and do it with all your might.

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