Motivation, Personal Chronicles // 06.22.2011

Where the fruit is

Article by Abena A-T

Ever heard the saying:” Go out on a limb, it’s where the fruit is”?

I like it and have been thinking more and more about what stepping out on that limb looks like to me, to you, today. Yeah, I’ve stepped out on a few before but I believe we shouldn’t be okay with those past steps of faith.  I feel like, I’m due for another step of faith, another branch to climb out on. Perhaps a bigger one this time. When we take these steps is when God does his thing.

So I’ve been thinking lately, I can’t say about what specifically, but I’ve been thinking about my next limb and when it will be time to crawl out. The fruit is there, I can see it but when will I touch it? What does it taste like?  How does it feel? Who can I share it with?

If only we go out on that limb. Maybe we’ll fall but hey, as long as we’ve got that juicy peach in our hands on the way down, maybe it will be worth it.

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