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2011 African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference

Article by Abena A-T

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This weekend, from Sept. 22nd to 23rd Halifax, Nova Scotia is hosting the 7th annual African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference.

Here’s an excerpt of the advertorial I wrote for it:

Celebrating African heritage: Nova Scotia’s “best-kept secrets” revealed

African Diaspora Heritage Trail draws international audience

It’s not well-known outside Nova Scotia that in the 1780s, Birchtown was the largest settlement of free Black residents outside Africa. Or that in 1946, nine years before Rosa Parks’ famous protest on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, a Nova Scotian named Viola Desmond made a similar stand for civil rights in a New Glasgow movie theatre.

In the words of African Nova Scotian Affairs executive director Wayn Hamilton, “African heritage in Nova Scotia is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.”

But from September 22-24, distinguished leaders from throughout the African Diaspora will gather in Halifax to let that secret out. The seventh International African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) conference will draw notable writers, artists, researchers, government officials and tourism experts to Nova Scotia from around the world. Among the presenters are award-winning author Lawrence Hill, UNESCO Special Advisor Dowoti Desir, and revered African Studies professor Molefi Asante.

The 2011 conference, titled Our Heritage, Our Future, is noteworthy for many reasons. First, Halifax is the first in North America to host the event, which the Government of Bermuda launched in 2002 to promote tourism to sites of cultural and historical importance to people of African descent.

Second, the conference has a strong purpose: to gather people who are interested in preserving African heritage around the world and educating others about its value. Hamilton explains it like this: “We’re trying to promote, preserve and protect those things we see as important assets here in Nova Scotia that are also connected to the larger Diaspora.”

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