Blog // 09.03.2011

Ah, September!

Article by Abena A-T

September is a month of transition; People are back to school, new jobs are starting and summer is giving way to fall. What does September hold for you?

For me, it holds the beginnings of my dance classes (I’ll be teaching step and hiplife!), practice for the Halifax Slam Team, and a  feature spot as a spoken word performer in a benefit show. It will also holds a new year as it will be my birthday. yay!! So for me, the new year is starting out on a good note.

The benefit  show I mentioned above is being put on by a group called Poets 4 Change based in Halifax Nova Scotia. It’s titled CommUNITY and its purpose is  to raise funds for “drought relief efforts in the Horn of Africa”.   Sigh, such mixed thoughts and emotions.

1)      I’m happy to be part of the effort to assist those in need.

2)      I’m excited to be a feature in a spoken word show before. This will be my first time featuring. I usually just share something on the open mic.

3) It’s gonna be fantastic performing with great artists such as Verena Rizg and Chelsea Nisbett!

4)      These kinds of benefits should be happening more often. They will have more of an impact if the assistance, compassion, and awareness raised were to happen before disaster actually strikes with a backhanded smack. They say it’s never too late… but it is for a lot of people.

5)      The solution is bigger than benefits. It lies in good governance, politics and education. All that big complicated stuff.

6)      The problem is huge. It’s sad and it’s frustrating. But I maintain that people should still do what they can where they can to help their neighbors and also themselves. No matter how big the issue is.

Those are my thoughts going into September. There’s famine in the time of harvest. But there’s also always opportunity in a new season.

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