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CommUnity: Unifying, Educational and Electric

Article by Abena A-T

So this event I was talking about last week called CommUnity kicked butt.  With donations and t-shirt purchases, the event raised just over 600 dollars. This amount will be doubled by the government meaning that 1200 will be sent in aid money to assist those needlessly suffering from the effects of drought ( and political instability and  economic inequality) in the Horn of Africa.

We know, aid isn’t the best answer to the situation. But in an emergency, you gotta begin with the basics. I just wonder how many times we need to resort to the basics before realizing that there are ways to deal with these issues of food security before they escalate into nationwide starvation.

Anyway, great show. Lots of passion from the artists and words of truth. Lionheart- ya’ll don’t know him but maybe one day you will. He is my new favorite spoken word artist let me just put that in writing.  They had young new artists and veterans and those of us who are just finding our voices and picking up our stride.  Each of them had me either singing along ( “They say a change is gonna come oh…” Verena Rizg. Interview with her coming soon!), laughing like my Rwandan madman over a poem entitled ” Crackbook”,  or tingling with brewing anger over the reason why we were all there ( a famine in 2011.. really now? really?)

And then the audience. First of all, they were there. A show isn’t a show without an audience and their money especially when it’s a benefit.  So it was fantastic to see the place packed and people standing.

It went well. There was something in the air for real.

Here’s a clip from the evening featuring Verena Rizg and Lionheart:

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  1. Abs says:

    This is truly a blessing to listen to. I love the line “naught but God is above you”. Its a timely reminder for me. Abena is that you singing off key at the end? hehe

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