Motivation, Personal Chronicles // 10.31.2011

Get out of Bed. Trap Your Mouse

Article by Abena A-T

I’m sitting in my bed as I type this with my husband snoring (peacefully?) beside me.  I’ve woken up early the way I’ve been intending to for months now to pray and get my day started on a good foot.  I generally wake up reasonably early ( before 8am, even on weekends) and am not much for sleeping in. But that has sort of changed since getting married and not returning to my job at the hospital. I now wake up closer to 8, sometimes at 8:30! Slothful,  I know.

This morning I’ve finally woken up early. But instead of bounding out of bed, washing my face and doing morning stretches in the living room before settling down to write, I’m still under my covers, laptop on my duvet-covered thighs. Why don’t I get up and stop typing in my husband’s ear?

Because there’s a mouse in my house!!

I saw it last evening, the little bugger!  It’s trying to live in our heater. I think it has only moved in recently but unfortunately for little Mickey, we’re going to have to evict him.  He’s  just a tiny thing but is ridiculously fast.  I don’t want to kill him,  but I think we’re going to need something more effective than the plastic bag and cheese trap that husby set for him. One that is less manually intensive and will catch the mouse without us waiting for it.

It’s crazy how such tiny creatures scare us. Especially when they are so afraid of us themselves and can’t even really harm us.  Then again, if a mouse bit me, I wouldn’t bite it back, so if it the confrontation go to that point, it might win. But still, it’s funny how we can allow ourselves to fear something so small, be it a mouse, or another small issue (person, creature, thought)  and huddle in a corner fearing that it is coming to get you!

Let’s be reasonable: Your “mouse” is most likely  not coming  to get you.  It’s most likely afraid of you or simply minding its own business. Yes you might have a small nuisance on your hands which, if not dealt with, may lead to bigger problems e.g. chewed up electrical wiring, nasty trails of poo,  raided kitchen cupboards…  But with a simple solution,  you can effectively face your “mouse” and get rid of it.   You’ll never trap it by cowering under your covers though.  You know what time it is. Get out of bed.

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