Personal Chronicles // 10.28.2011

Seasoning in life

Article by Aba H

I’m learning not to take my passions for granted. Like any living thing, when unfed, passions too become withered and lifeless.

Five months ago, I lost focus of who I am, of what defined me, and instead of feeding and building my gifts and talents, I put long hours into work and gave in to defeat. I lost sight of who I really am and who I was created to be. My passions died. It felt as if I had lost a part of me and now I have become a stranger to myself.

I’m learning that gifts or passions aren’t just things that we are good at, or things that come more easily to us than others. They aren’t things that we just simply enjoy doing either. They are the flavour of our lives helping us connect with our inner beings and giving us something to live for. Passion to life is what pepper is to pepper soup, or turmeric to a curry, or smoked fish in palm nut soup. Without them food would be bland and dull but with them our senses are stimulated and titillated.

I believe there is still hope for me as I rediscover those things that seasoned my life and made me a multilayered, interesting, passionate and driven person. I’m rediscovering my loves by taking time to connect with myself and with like-minded people.

What do you do to keep your passions alive? How do you maintain your momentum?

2 Responses to “Seasoning in life”

  1. Moe says:

    You take a step back from the everyday and appreciate the miracles that are right in front of you: looking at the ripples of a lake, watching a mother and daughter playing in a park, or the leaves turning colors on the trees. Once you understand what is really important; when you take a moment to inhale and exhale you have to think and reflect and remember your purpose (or to figure it out), and your passions etc…
    Being alone with your thoughts is not necessarily a bad thing it can be a blessed thing.

  2. Abs says:

    Moe, that’s so true. Solitude and appreciating the things that we take for granted can definitely help us keep momentum. I find that I get so caught up in making myself busy that sometime I don’t even notice the miracles of life. It’s unfortunate really. Thanks for comment.

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