Blog // 11.22.2011

A Failed Egyptian Revolution?

Article by Aba H

Ten months ago the world joined Egyptians in celebrating the end of Hosni Mubarak’s three decade reign. It seems those celebrations were premature and the fruits of the revolution elusive. I’m no expert but it seems what Egypt needed wasn’t the resignation of one man (Mubarak) but rather a complete renaissance of the state he had created.

Over the weekend protestors went to the streets, yet again, unsatisfied with the progress toward genuine democracy. The frustrations of Egyptians stem from the fact that little has changed in the country since Mubarak’s downfall: the military continues to detain and trial citizens, the military transition government is holding off on the handing over of power to a civilian democratically elected government and the military continues to use excessive force against protestors. These are all reminiscent of Mubarak’s regime.

Let’s continue to follow the events in the coming hours as they unfold!

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