Blog // 11.04.2011

Tsa mina mina eh eh!

Article by Aba H

Tsa mina mina eh eh

Waka waka eh eh

Tsa mina mina zangalewa

Ana wam ah ah

Sounds familiar? The first time I heard Shakira’s version of Waka Waka I was like “mmm that sounds very familiar”. It reminded me of an African version of the song my sisters and I used to dance to as kids in the early 1990s. It wasn’t until this week, when a friend made a comment about “Shakira’s Waka Waka” that I was stirred to investigate Shakira’s thievery!

I looked it up the original version on good old You Tube and did a little google search as well. So it turns out it was sung by a Cameroonian group called Golden Sounds who later changed their name to Zangalewa, which is also the name of the original Waka Waka song. The song was sung as homage to African soldiers during World War II and soon became popular among soldiers across the continent and in Colombia, which is where Shakira is from…puzzle solved.

I don’t mind Shakira singing the official World Cup song, it just shouldn’t have been Waka Waka because of its historical significance to the continent. Shakira’s Waka Waka music video doesn’t do justice to the song and has turned it into pretty girls shaking their hips which completely misses the spirit of the song!

Check out the original version on: and the original-longer more comical version on The longer version is so hilarious. Enjoy!!

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