Blog // 11.28.2011

What would you do? What do you think?

Article by Abena A-T

How would you respond to this woman if you were one of the passengers on the subway?
(Warning: Video contains foul language. Viewer Discretion advised)

Unfortunately, this is one of the first things I saw this morning when I went to check the “news”.  In many regards, this woman is the embodiment of pure ignorance and shouldn’t be given the time of day, but unfortunately she not the only one who thinks this way.  Her outburst calls attention to the mentalities that are very real in the diaspora among majority or formerly majority groups who are feeling pushed out and threatened by immigrants.

But like the Black woman who responded to the racist woman, many of those immigrants come and do jobs that the ‘locals’ aren’t willing to do. It’s the story of the taxi drivers that are actually medical doctors and janitors that are trained lawyers. The outburst woman seems to have forgotten her beloved Britan’s history of brutal colonialism of several of these countries from which people have been coming from to work. But contrary to what many of the commenters wrote, this is not retaliation, and it’s not karma. As far as I know, immigrants coming in are not trying to pillage the country for its resources and strip the people of control over their own country. It’s not the same agenda.

A couple commenters said something important: That this woman’s ignorance isn’t about her color, it’s about the character. And so people who watch the video and are shocked, saddened and angered, should be careful not to respond with the same hatred. There’s so much to say on this topic. I’ve only scratched the surface and though I hate to spread such a negative video. I feel its important that we are aware of the world we live in and the things Africans and many other minorities face  in the diaspora even in this year of 2011. We have not come far enough. I also wanted to use it to emphasize that it’s not a group of people of a certain color that we need to steel ourselves against, it’s a kind of character that people develop and feed and pass on, the way this woman is likely passing her racism, immaturity, frustration, disrespect and ignorance along to her son.

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