Motivation, Point of View // 01.11.2012

Do Some Good: Support the Yonso Project

Article by Abena A-T

Hello Friends,

This year, we encourage you all to 1) Believe in yourselves and your venture- For example, take one step towards learning that new language or starting your business. You may or may not have others behind you in the initial stages but, we know from experience, your ventures will begin with YOU having that bit of faith in what you’re doing. 2) Learn about and support an African initiative- Check out the Yonso Project’s fundraising campaign on Start Some Good:

You may remember the Yonso Project from our Ordinary People, Extraordinary things feature we did on Country Director, Kwabena Danso (

The Yonso Project is trying to empower the poor in rural Ghana to : take their development into their own hands” in order to “break the cycle of poverty which runs from one generation to the other”.

They are doing this by providing access to education through scholarships and access to educational materials through the Rural Library Project. They’ve come a long way and are helping so many kids. It’s amazing. But they need help, so if one of your new year’s resolutions is to be a little more generous this year, make a donation to help them reach their $3000 fundraising goal. You can learn more and make the donation here:

Visit the Yonso Project’s website to learn more:

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