Personal Chronicles // 07.08.2013

Hello Again! Long Time, No See.

Article by Abena

Wow, it’s been quite awhile since Aba or I have written on Tempo. Please accept our apologies.  We’re both very excited to get back to writing here.  We’ve both been going through life changes of moving and starting new jobs but we’ve missed you. There are still tons of people doing a world of “amazingness” that we want to talk to and about and we often have reflections to share.

The function of the site will change from a magazine to a blog. This way,  we won’t have to wait until all the categories are filled before we publish new articles.  We’re still accepting guest submissions so if you have something you want to share that pertains to African creativity and innovation in an area that interests you, write to us with your idea.

Thanks for visiting and staying with us.


Aba and Abena

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