Personal Chronicles // 07.08.2013

Reflections of an Introvert

Article by Aba H

Do you feel awkward in public, feel drained by crowds or enjoy your own company?  Would you rather spend time with a few people having a deep and meaningful conversation as opposed to mingling with strangers and forcing small talk? Do you need to retreat into solitude after being in a crowd in order to regain energy?

If you can identify with the above then I have the singular honour of telling you that you’re an introvert! Not to worry, so am I.

My name is Aba and I’m an introvert.

Its just who I am. I don’t respond well to too much stimulation from my surroundings. Crowds exhaust me but solitude energizes me. When alone, I feel most alive.

Africa is the fastest growing continent in terms of economic growth and according to the Economist, foreign direct investment to the continent has tripled. The rural population is increasingly moving to urban areas in search of jobs thereby increasing the population of African cities. This means heavy traffic, more honking, more queues, more street fights, loud speakers at every corner, more babies crying in public places!! And the list goes on.

In the past 6 months, I moved from a quiet city in East Africa to one of the busiest in Africa. This drastic move has made me more aware of the way I respond to over stimulation. But that begs the questions: is there room for an introvert in booming Africa?

Join me on my journey to discover the place and role of an introvert in rising Africa today! This should be interesting…

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