Personal Chronicles // 07.15.2013

The Introvert and the Trotro

Article by Aba H

Question: can an introvert peaceful co-exist with public transport in Accra?

Over the past week I’ve had some invasive moments on trotros (public transport mini buses in Ghana).

Over the past one week I’ve been subjected to armpits in my face, people‚Äôs groins rubbed all over me, stand-up pastors in taxis shouting and spitting at me, blaring radios and some of the most annoying cellphone ringtones. In a nutshell, I’ve been through some very unpleasant experiences. There has been too much stimulation around me. But this is inevitable.

If you go to any growing African city you’ll notice that it is literally bulging at the seams. The population of capital cities is growing slowly but surely and encroaching on neighboring regions. My concern is that proper planning with foresight hasn’t been used to plan cities. We now have a situation where everyone is aiming to buy their own car which has led to heavy traffic in many African cities.

Governments need to explore innovative ways of easing traffic by ensuring that public transport actually works not only to ensure the efficiency of the transport sector but for the sanity of introverts like me :-)

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