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“Early Prophets of a New Religion”: Africa’s Young Inventors (Video)

Article by Abena

In 2012, Young inventors from across Africa came together in Lome Togo to attend the country’s first ever technology Bootcamp.  They worked on their inventions at the camp and then presented them to the group and its organizers.

Nigerian Inventor Mogbolahan Ajala said “I see this as a new religion and these are the early prophets…Africa is going to live technology”.

Big words!

But what an impressive initiative! It is a proven fact that young people thrive when given the attention, support and resources needed.  Plus these young people are already professionals at being resourceful using locally sourced materials such as old radios, tvs, speakers plastic, and plywood. Now wouldn’t it be amazing if these inventors specialized, or made it a point to make their inventions using discarded electronics and building materials?  This would be solving two problems in one; the one for which the inventions are designed and the problem of material pollution.

The main point is, look how far we can go when we have the right support.  And this is just the beginning.  Organizer Sename Koffi and the other organizers plan to host events in other parts of Africa in the coming years.  In the video Koffi says he doesn’t want youth to focus on a lack of employment; this is a place where there is a team and resources available to the youth for free.  Here they can create opportunities for themselves and solve local problems.

Now THAT is what I’m talking about!

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  1. Aba says:

    Sounds great. Unemployment in Africa is becoming a big issue. In Ghana for example the public sector has reduced recruitments. They only employ to replace a staff who has retired or left the agency. This means that we need our private sector to grow in order to meet the demand for jobs. Great post

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