Personal Chronicles // 08.12.2013

Being an introvert doesn’t mean being boring!

Article by Aba H

I had planned to post a blog on some of the great contributions of Thabo Mbeki (an African influential introvert) today but then I came across this video called “You’re Not Shy, You’re boring” and it got me thinking.

This is actually a dating video where the presenter admonishes ladies not to be boring on dates and in relationships. He says that its ok to be an introvert but don’t use that as an excuse to be boring!

I completely agree. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that we aren’t interesting people! Being an introvert doesn’t mean that we don’t want people around us ’cause we do! But if we don’t learn to make ourselves a bit uncomfortable for the odd social event and take on some sociable characteristics we aren’t going to attract people to us, people who could end up giving us long-term stable, meaningful and genuine friendships. Or better still, we could end up meeting that person who becomes our better half and soul mate.

Watch this and let me know what you think!

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