Motivation, Personal Chronicles // 08.27.2013

Do it With All Your Might! Sharing Gifts of Song and Dance at Africa Week

Article by Abena

My Beautiful People,

I hope the week is off to a fantastic start. I’d like to remind everyone to do what brings you joy as much as you can.

This past weekend, I joined Halifax group, Umoja Diversity Drummers in a performance in Dartmouth Nova Scotia for Africa Week which took place from August 18th to 24th. I believe this was the first year of the event which was a chance for the city to come hear some free music and for drummers, singers and dancers who appreciate music from the Continent to do what they do.

Ah! It felt so good to open up and dance. Since dance school ended in Ottawa, I’ve been missing the freedom and vitality that moving my body to music is for me. Dancing last weekend reminded me how important it is to just do these things we love whenever we can. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of a large audience or small, whether it’s your full time gig, or side hustle, doing the things God put in us to do is good for our physical and spiritual health.

I’ve been trained to dance in a group but I love me some solo time too!

Freestylin and loving it.

Freestylin and loving it.

And listen to the the voices we’ve got in Nova Scotia. This is the Hallelujah Praise Choir hailing from Preston Nova Scotia. Take it in.

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