Personal Chronicles // 11.11.2013

Be felt

Article by Aba H

The diary of an African introvert continued…..

Welcome to the first part of my “be felt” series which will look at African introverts throughout history who have made their market on the world…introverts aren’t always seen or heard but their contribution to human existence is definitely felt!

So today’s blog was actually supposed to be about one of my favourite African introverts- President Thabo Mbeki- but I recently had a conversation with my dear uncle (who is an introvert) that got me thinking about why its so difficult for extroverts to understand introverts an I couldn’t go to bed until I put my thoughts to paper (so to speak) or fingers to the keyboard rather.

As you all know, I discovered this year that I am an introvert. Probably among the most liberating realisations I’ve had and yes it did take me 20 something odd years to figure that out. I’ve now come to realise that the world is moulded for extroverts. It is the extrovert who is heard. It is the extrovert who is seen. But I strongly believe that as introverts we might not be seen or heard but our creativity, strength and ingenuity is definitely felt.

As an introvert don’t compare yourself with extroverts, rather work to improve yourself . Whether an introvert or extrovert be the best you you can be!

Watch the space for part II!

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