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We (Aba and Abena) met in Rwanda in March 2010. We bonded immediately and discovered a mutual passion for discussing culture, identity, careers and young womanhood.  Already impressed by initiatives in Rwanda dedicated to the uplifting of economy and society, we were further inspired to write about African achievement after attending a TEDx event in Kigali.

We listened to the rich and rhythmic melodies of Rwanda’s first female traditional harp player and then to a Rwandan doctor who loved theatre and so incorporated drama into his medical practice. We also listened to a Ugandan man who demanded that we step up our game in terms of our educational systems and facilities. We were in awe of the creativity, courage, and determination of these men and women who were working to fulfill their personal ambitions and also to make the lives of those around them richer.

We had to share…

And so we created TEMPO- an online platform to:

  • Celebrate innovative and creative African contributions to society;
  • Reflect on our experiences and share our insights on living in Africa and in the Diaspora .
  • Explore topics of interest to us e.g. arts, culture, sustainability


In short, this blog is about Looking Inward, and Moving Forward.

Where we previously focused on “The Forward-Thinking African Woman”, we’ve decided that anyone who is forward-thinking and driven by the creativity, ingenuity that is fueling Africa’s forward-movement is welcome to share this space.

Understanding, analyzing and celebrating one another is important in becoming better human beings. We invite you to celebrate our forward-movement personally and as a people.

Tempo Africa: Looking Inward, Moving Forward.

The Dynamic Duo

Aba Bio Photo 2013Aba Hagan

Aba is one the many in Africa who are excited about the change happening on the continent. The last of five girls, she was born in Accra, Ghana and spent her formative years in East Africa. She lived in Kampala, Uganda for eleven years, in Nairobi, Kenya for  three, then moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2003 to complete high school. She earned a General BA degree in Political Science and International Relations followed by an Honours degree in International Relations with a focus on International Political Economy.

Aba loves reading, playing the flute, piano and African percussion, listening to live music. Among many subjects, Aba enjoys discussing love, God, and Africa. She finds pleasure in seeing dreams become realities even if they aren’t hers. Although frightened of heights, she enjoys the thrill of absailing and bridge swinging. As much as possible she tries to live by the mottos: “If it doesn’t rain today then the rain is one day closer” and “If you lift the pot to your knees, someone will help you carry it to your head.”


IMG_2238Abena A.

Abena is an international development practitioner specializing in sustainable livelihoods and women’s empowerment.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Masters degree in Environment and Sustainability. She is also a writer, editor and poet and is currently recording her first spoken-word album. Born in western Canada and raised on the East Coast, Abena has spent most of her life in Canada with a few of these years accented by time  in Ghana, Rwanda and Ethiopia. She is energized by seeing people proud of their heritage and courageously breaking  the molds to elevate themselves and those around them.  A lover of dance and literature, two books Abena couldn’t put down were: “Half of a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi and Lawrence Hill’s “The Book of Negroes”.

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  1. SA. Said Antoissi says:

    You guys rock the best; I am very impressed Aba and wish you all the best. Please keep up the hard work future leaders & continue to share your thoughts with us so that we can make a difference throughout this beautiful continent of ours!

  2. roseline says:

    Guys this is an awesome work.. it takes a lot to build such an empire.. Keep up. Aba am happy for you.

  3. Lloyd Mensah says:

    You go for it ladies!!

  4. Aba says:

    Thanks so much guys for the encourging words! It has been a spectacular and inspiring journey putting this magazine together. We hope that the stories and people that inspire and challenge us will do the same for you! Wish you could all be at the launch this Friday but we’ll put the pictures up.

  5. Aghogho Okotie says:

    Great jobs guys. Myselfand Abena go way back and i am super proud. Keep up the good job and i hope i get featured oneday on your website.

  6. Mokete says:

    Congratulations guys on the mag, it looks great. Amazing work and keep shining!

  7. Pumela says:

    Aba!!!! so much talk and now… wow this is great.. am truly happy that you found someone to help turn those talks into something concrete. This is beautiful team…

  8. Holly Sanderson says:

    I love it! This is wonderful work, beautifully articulated, put-together and I’m book-marking you!

  9. Very beautiful Magazine gals

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