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Innovative, artistic and entrepreneurial spirits who are re-shaping the people, spaces and around them for the better.

Arts and Culture, Forward Thinkers // 05.11.2014

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta- Kenya's first Prime Minister then President

African Intellectual Innovators According to Gates

Article by Abena

Dr. Henry Louis Gates, American historian and director of WEB Dubois Research Institute,  listed a few of  top African intellectual innovators…

Forward Thinkers, Science and Technology // 07.11.2013

“Early Prophets of a New Religion”: Africa’s Young Inventors (Video)

Article by Abena

In 2012, Young inventors from across Africa came together in Lome Togo to attend the country’s first ever technology Bootcamp.  They…

Education, Forward Thinkers // 01.19.2011

Patrick Awuah. photo from

Habits of the Mind

Article by Abena A-T

“…as I looked at my African son, I became increasingly concerned about the state of Africa’s economy and society, and the…

Forward Thinkers, Science and Technology // 12.02.2010

From Kenya to the World: African advances in IT

Article by Aba H

Ory Okolloh, Kenyan activist and blogger, has been at the forefront of developing the software, Ushahidi, which has taken information sharing…

Forward Thinkers // 10.15.2010

Photo by Ainhoa Pcb(Flikr)

The "Trouble Woman"

Article by Aba H

Maintaining a professional and family life can make many women feel like performers trying to skilfully balance on a rope. Nowadays…

Forward Thinkers // 10.15.2010

Photo by Hamed Saber

"When the sun comes up, you better be running"

Article by Aba H

I’ve always been fascinated with people who manage to step up and take control of their destiny; people who see beyond…

Forward Thinkers // 08.08.2010


What are we doing today for tomorrow?

Article by Aba H

Eric Kacou on what matters for Africa’s future Embedded in the word “tomorrow” lies a mixture of sentiments such as anticipations,…