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Personal Chronicles

Personal Chronicles // 11.11.2013

behind the scences

Be felt

Article by Aba H

The diary of an African introvert continued….. Welcome to the first part of my “be felt” series which will look at…

Blog, Personal Chronicles // 09.10.2013

A Special Birthday Candle

It’s My Birthday!

Article by Abena

Guess what Friends? It’s my birthday! When I traveled to Ethiopia last year I learned that they celebrate the New Year…

Motivation, Personal Chronicles // 08.27.2013


Do it With All Your Might! Sharing Gifts of Song and Dance at Africa Week

Article by Abena

My Beautiful People, I hope the week is off to a fantastic start. I’d like to remind everyone to do what…

Personal Chronicles // 08.13.2013

Sifa Choir’s Voices of Praise, Richness, and Beauty (Video)

Article by Abena

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People, Let me introduce you to Sifa, an accapella women’s group based in Ottawa, Canada. I heard them…

Personal Chronicles // 08.12.2013


Being an introvert doesn’t mean being boring!

Article by Aba H

I had planned to post a blog on some of the great contributions of Thabo Mbeki (an African influential introvert) today…

Personal Chronicles // 08.05.2013

Introverts add richness to the world

Article by Aba H

So my journey to discover what it means to be an introvert in an extrovert dominated world continues. The more research…

Personal Chronicles, Point of View // 07.25.2013

Iceburg Systems Thinking. Source: Google Images

When Activists Talk…Too Much?

Article by Abena

Last week I attended a discussion on the topic of how to be a force of change in the world in…

Personal Chronicles // 07.22.2013



Article by Aba H

A shy, reticent, and typically self-centred person A person predominately concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external…

Personal Chronicles // 07.15.2013


The Introvert and the Trotro

Article by Aba H

Question: can an introvert peaceful co-exist with public transport in Accra? Over the past week I’ve had some invasive moments on…

Personal Chronicles, Point of View // 07.10.2013

FunSummer 031

Being an Individual in an African Family

Article by Aba H

Last year I made a decision. I made a big decision and one not all of my family members agreed with….