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Point of View // 09.26.2013


Those who are opposed to terrorism should not terrorise others- African Proverb

Article by Aba H

I was browsing through my Facebook home page on Saturday afternoon when I saw the unfortunate news of the terrorist attack…

Point of View // 09.18.2013

Help Us Speak our Languages, Don’t Bully Us!

Article by Abena

I recently happened upon Afrofeminist Diaspora blogger Spectra Speaks and resonated with her article called, “To Nigerians who don’t Speak Any…

Blog, Point of View // 09.17.2013


Something about The Butler

Article by Abena

Something about the movie The Butler is rubbing me the wrong way.  I haven’t seen it yet, but from this side…

Blog, Point of View // 09.12.2013

My Thoughts on the Display at the VMAs

Article by Abena

I didn’t watch the show but (unfortunately)  saw the clip on YouTube. Everyone was talking about ti so I decided to…

Point of View // 08.29.2013

Traditional Rwandan Harp

What is African Rhythm, Really?

Article by Abena

Note: After my post from Tuesday about dancing at Africa Week, I thought of this and how the term “African” to classify…

Point of View // 08.07.2013

black feminist

‘Many of us have learnt to settle for the world as it is, not the world that ought to be’

Article by Aba H

Yesterday my friend shared a link with me for a Ted talk by Chimamanda Ngozi call “We should all be feminists”….

Motivation, Point of View // 07.30.2013

Let the Women of Nyamonge Teach You About Netball (Video)

Article by Abena

This post made me smile. For the entire time I didn’t know what it had to do with the title which…

Personal Chronicles, Point of View // 07.25.2013

Iceburg Systems Thinking. Source: Google Images

When Activists Talk…Too Much?

Article by Abena

Last week I attended a discussion on the topic of how to be a force of change in the world in…

Point of View // 07.17.2013

source: The Trayvon Martin Foundation,

Justice for Trayvon and Those Before Him

Article by Abena

Did Trayvon Martin die in vain? The young men and women activists who have united to form the Black Youth Project…

Personal Chronicles, Point of View // 07.10.2013

FunSummer 031

Being an Individual in an African Family

Article by Aba H

Last year I made a decision. I made a big decision and one not all of my family members agreed with….